“bits C 128Hz”

“bits C 128Hz”: miR Compagnie / Béatrice Goetz

Current Dance Works Saison 2013-2015


The very title of miR Compagnie’s “bits C 128Hz” signals what it is about: the juxtaposition of the digital unit of information, “bit”, and the natural fundamental frequency C 128 Hz announces the topic of seeming contradictions combining into a greater, common whole. The piece combines various styles on numerous levels: electronic music from the DJ’s console mixes with the analogue music of a classical cellist to create the audio environment in which breakdancers test their virtuosity and a contemporary dancer assimilates their movements. Between them, an actor incorporates his words into the oscillations of the music and the movements of the dancers. The resulting composite of movement, music and language does more than create a unique dance idiom: the meeting of these differing styles also releases enormous performative potential.


Caroline Minjolle, jury member:

“With ‘bits C 128Hz’, the Basel-based choreographer Béatrice Götz has created an unconventional work, a kind of philosophical digression which adeptly blends contemporary dance, hip-hop, electronic music and classical cello. At once light and profound, this piece performed by a talented ensemble of five dancers and two musicians captivates audiences of all ages by the quality and originality of its language: subtle and ironic, tender and acrobatic, a hybrid yet accessible musicality and physicality without any of the mannerism of the world of breakdance. Punctuated by a series of minor dramaturgical surprises, this unpretentious but entirely successful work seduces without blandishments.”

miR Compagnie / Béatrice Goetz

Béatrice Goetz was born in Basel in 1959. After obtaining a degree in sport she received her dance training at Dance Experience in Basel. From 1989 to 1994 she danced with the Maja Lex ensemble in Cologne, followed by the ensemble of Cathy Sharp in Basel until 1998. In 2002 she set up miR Compagnie, in which breakdance and contemporary dance cross-pollinate on the stage and various acoustic components interact with dance on equal terms. From these foundations, miR Compagnie has created a unique dance style which it has been systematically refining since 2002.